1. Electronic gears for High intensity discharge lamps.

1111Light is extremely energy-efficient with RL-Lux electronic ballasts with dimming option delivering performance levels unattainable with standard magnetic lighting systems. These high efficiency ballasts provide up to 95% efficiency allowing for maximum energy savings up to 20% over magnetic systems.


2. Reflux High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps.

222New-generation HID Reflux lamps with unique new Reflector-on-Board design and positioning in combination with optimum lamp fixation (PGX22) ensures excellent optical efficacy which allows greater spacing between luminaires, thereby reducing investment.



3. Sophisticated yet simple energy-saving lighting control

33Power Line Communication (PLC) networking technology uses existing electric power lines as its communication medium, eliminating the need to install new wires. By using RK-Lux PLC dimmer, with just power cables running to the luminaires, one can both power them up and control at the same time.


4. LED solutions make RK-Lux: durable, efficient and innovative

44RK-Lux has a broad expertise in regard to lighting planning, luminaire construction and LED technology for all types of environments, including hazardous and harsh. We use Samasung® and LG-Innotek® LED in street, explosion-proof and industrial lighting with a best Lm/W ratio, durability and reliability.